Increase brand loyalty and customer retention

Our Delight solution will turn your teams into expert advisors who’ll assist buyers at any point in time to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Increase customer success rate
Empower clients
Increase sales from retention and referrals

Brand loyalty experts

What sets us apart is our experience in customer service enablement.

Using our Delight solutions, we’ve helped countless businesses successfully improve their team's service strategy to increase client retention and referrals. (stats).

Our main objective is to help businesses exceed client service expectations and attain growth through a personalized, transparent, agile, and empowering process.

This means that we’ll provide your support agents with all the tools and training they need to take care of their customers' needs and help them find success, such as incorporating chatbots, self-serving knowledge bases, and conducting client happiness surveys.

But being a growth agency means our work doesn’t just end there. We’ll also go the extra mile to tailor every step of the funnel to your ideal client or buyer persona. And you won’t just be a spectator in this process; we encourage our clients to participate every step of the way.

Avid believers in innovation, we’ll continuously test new helpline trends and technology, all the while bringing you effective results and empowering you with knowledge of the ins and outs of our Delight strategy.


How does the Delight solution work?

By turning your team into customer service experts, we’ll effectively help them assist and empower clients to strengthen brand advocacy and promotion.

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Increase customer success rate

By offering support throughout their buying journey, we'll help customers get the most out of your products and service.

Empower clients

By providing customers with self-service knowledge bases, we’ll empower them to quickly find answers on their own with the right tools and content

Increase sales from retention and referrals

By building exceptional customer service, we'll motivate clients to continue using your products and recommend them to other leads.

How our Delight solution is delivered

Because data is at the heart of every decision we make, our process begins with a series of workshops and audits that will help us identify bottlenecks and gaps. This will also give us a chance to work closely with your team to offer the best-customized service aid according to your company’s needs.

Collaboration will be key in identifying and developing goals, your buyer personas, what are the best technologies and strategies to help them find success, and important success metrics to analyze and report. Only once we get a clear picture, we’ll implement the best-fit strategy, making sure that all elements of our tactics are valuable and relevant to your support agent and customers' needs.

Our process

The DREAM® Process

We developed the DREAM® Process to help us meet and exceed expectations in our pre-sale and post-sale activities, including project management, project execution, and customer service.


We uncover pain points, conduct audits, and gather & analyze data.


Once the situation is clear, we strategize and make recommendations to help you succeed.


We put the plan in motion by creating and scheduling assets and content, and setting up all necessary tools.


At the end of every cycle, we pull reports, analyze results, and share findings with stakeholders.


We learn, optimize, grow, and repeat the process to reach better results month after month.

What's included

Services included with Delight

Customer feedback surveys
Customer service enablement
Knowledge base development
User experience
Conversational bots
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They onboarded quickly and were able to add value from day one. Highly recommend!

Dan L

CRO in Automotive & Leisure

They put together a clear delivery schedule to make sure everything was delivered on time and were very professional throughout the process.

Rudy J

CEO in Automotive & Technology

The My Creative Mark team is responsive and efficient, perfect team to work with!

Katharina G

Founder in Education & Ecommerce

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Frequently asked questions

All you need to know about Delight

How do you understand our business and industry?


We've worked with clients in a variety of industries, giving us the expertise to make knowledgeable suggestions for your website. More importantly, we focus on getting to know you, how your business works, and what's important to you by conducting thorough research on your competitors and industry.

How do you handle reporting on your consulting work?


Data from different sources is logged and recorded into an SEO reporting software and accessible on demand. We continuously analyze data to optimize our strategy and make recommendations.