Determine goals

Plan project

Execute plan

Analyze success

Learn & grow

1- Discovery

Connect Call

Introduction to your business and overview of your goals and challenges.

Exploratory Call

Deep-dive into your goals and challenges. Overview of solutions.

Goal Setting & Planning Call

Deep-dive into solutions.

2- Roadmap

Project Planning

Plan the project and delivery roadmap.

Gather Resources

Gather content from the client and secure the necessary technical & human resources.

3- Execution

Kick-Off Call

Kick-off meeting or call to go over the details of the design and development phase.

Design, Development, Implementation

Design and develop the website.

4- Analysis

Testing, Reporting, Quality Assurance

The website is put to the test. We make sure that the website is ready to launch.

5- Momentum


The project is delivered to the client.


The client is taught how to use and manage the tools that we implemented for them.

Learn & Grow

Learn from results and optimize the solutions to achieve even better results for the client.

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