Who our engage package is for

If you’re a CEO looking to grow your company, a marketing director looking for innovative ways to attract new leads, or a sales director searching for leads and commissions to bring in for your team, our Engage package will help you get the results you need. We bring small and medium-sized businesses from surviving to thriving with our expert lead generation and nurturing services.

Link-Building Services

When quality websites, link to specific pages on your site, it can enhance your site’s SEO. Similarly, when pages within your site link to each other, that can also improve SEO and page rankings in search results.
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Technical SEO Services

Search engines want to show their users the best sites. So, meeting, and exceeding, technical requirements is essential. This involves identifying and correcting problems with the structure of your website.

On-Page SEO Services

Google and other search engines look at a page’s content to determine if it’s a good match for a user’s search query. Optimizing headings, meta tags, banners, and other content components is all part of improving on-page SEO.
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Key services

Search engine optimization


My Creative Mark provides SEO consulting services for your business. This means going over your website with a fine-tooth comb and evaluating where you need improvement when it comes to keywords, site structure, metadata, tags, and link-building. For example, our expert SEO services can help you build links across pages within your site and find ways to get other websites to link to pages within your site. The more ways your site is linked internally and with other sites, the more likely it is to show up in searches.

Additionally, our professional SEO services provide guidance on the best way to structure your site in regards to security, navigation, and UX design so that search engines recognize the caliber of your site and are inclined to show it to users. Search engines only want to provide users with the most well-structured, optimized, relevant, and accurate sites, so it’s imperative that your site falls into that category to increase both site traffic and your search ranking. Our enterprise SEO services audit your site to assess all of these components in addition to researching user behavior and search habits to incorporate into our work. We also look at competing sites, analyze their strategies, and use the best tactics as part of the marketing SEO services we provide for you.

These include optimizing your site and content, preparing it for all of the increased traffic you will receive once we are finished with our SEO work. A strong Search Engine Optimization strategy will increase your site’s visibility and exposure, drive traffic to your site both immediately and in the long run, convert leads into customers, and raise your company’s ranking as a business that understands your customers’ needs.

Paid search


Paid search services involve creating and managing ads for your company that will then be shown in web searches for the types of services and/or products your company provides. The definition of paid search advertising is paying a search engine (like Google or Bing) to show users an ad for your product or service when they search those keywords online. Whenever someone clicks on your ad, that’s when you owe the search engine money. This is called the pay-per-click (PPC) or cost-per-click (CCP) model, and it’s the most common payment model for paid search advertising services.

Google Ads and Bings Ads are specific types of paid search marketing that allow you to market to those networks in particular; for example, if you are using Google Ads, you will appear in searches related both to Google’s Search Network (search queries on Google Search, Google Shopping, Google Maps, etc.) and Google’s Display Network, which includes partner sites like Gmail and YouTube. There are other payment models for paid searches, which include cost-per-mille (CPM) or cost per thousand impressions. This means you have to pay every time one thousand people view, not click on, your ad. It’s a better model for companies who want to raise brand awareness rather than revenue.

You may be asking why you need paid search management services if you can simply outbid your competition for the top spot in the Google Product Listing Ads lineup. But the highest-ranking doesn’t simply go to the highest bidder. That’s why our paid search marketing services work with you to perfect the quality of your ads so that they are prioritized not just on their bidding price but on their merit too, as Google and Bing both take ad quality and search context into account when ranking listings.

Paid social


Paid social advertising services involve paying third-party social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter to sponsor content from your company in order to get views from new audiences. The great thing about our paid social marketing services is that we can tailor your ads to very specific demographics, so we can make a series of ads targeted to the different kinds of leads you want to generate. Maybe you want to target different age groups, geographical areas, or buying behaviors. Our paid social marketing services will help you determine the most effective ways to target and retarget potential leads. Paid social ads allow you to accumulate views and clicks more quickly than if you were putting out ads and waiting for traffic to accumulate organically.

Similar to paid searches, paid social ads often focus on a pay-per-click model, so you have to pay every time someone clicks on your ads. Every social media platform displays content differently and is used for different purposes, so our paid social media services take into account which platforms we think would be most suitable for the kinds of goods/services you offer. For example, if you are a clothing company, using Instagram ads to show off your products makes more sense than using Twitter, which is mostly a verbal medium.

We can help you find the exact graphics, captions, hashtags, and release schedules that will give your ads maximum impact. As another example, if you are looking to target middle-aged customers about insurance policies or retirement plans, Facebook ads would be more appropriate as those users tend to skew older. But we can help you narrow your target even further to get the right eyes on your content. With our paid social media services, your ads will be bringing in clicks, shares, and conversions in no time.

Content marketing


Content marketing strategy is essential for each and every business that wants to authentically engage their leads and turn them into loyal customers. The definition of content marketing is creating and disseminating relevant, high-quality, consistent information to a highly targeted audience that eventually results in increased revenue. Our content marketing solutions focus specifically on blogging and copywriting. The key ingredient of a content marketing plan is that you’re not selling goods or services directly, showing your audience ads or discounts and telling them to spend money. You’re giving your customers information that makes them better-informed consumers of your products.

In the case of blogging and copywriting, you are creating a reputation for your company as thought leaders in your industry, discussing new developments, media coverage, or tips and tricks of the trade, to name a few different possible topics. Every piece of content that your customer sees can’t be a plea to buy something. That gets old very quickly, so your customer needs to get used to seeing content from you that is engaging, relevant, and informative in its own right, so that when it comes time for them to buy something from you, they feel like they have a relationship with your brand.

This way, you’ve started creating brand loyalty before they even make a purchase. We take on the role of a content marketing agency by helping you create content and then a content marketing strategy to disseminate that content effectively so that you can generate leads that turn into paying customers. Blogs and other forms of long-form copy are extremely valuable ways to start a conversation with your customers, who may want to comment on or share your blog with others on their own social media.

Social media marketing


Our social media management services ensure that you are receiving the best advice possible about how to engage with customers via social media marketing. In the last two decades, the social media landscape has changed, grown, and evolved immensely, as old platforms die and new ones emerge. Our social marketing services are on top of all of the latest trends, developments, and strategies so you don’t have to be. We provide full-service social media marketing to all the right audiences on all the right platforms, giving your company a competitive edge in the social media game so you can target and retarget valuable leads on their home turf, as it were.

Not all social media platforms are created equal–each one has a very specific demographic of users, specific types of content that work best there, and algorithms for success. Our social management services provide expert advice on the best ways that your company can engage with its targeted demographics on the issues that matter most and sell your goods and services to customers that will like, follow, and subscribe eagerly. We will help you select all of the right hashtags, time the release of your posts for maximum engagement, target users with the right buying behavior, and create graphics so crisp that they will stop users in their scrolling to click on your post.

It’s not enough to simply be a digital native to make a marketing strategy work. Millennials and Gen Zers may be the most active on social media, but it doesn’t mean they have the tools to make an effective social media marketing strategy just because they have a whole host of followers, likes, or subscribers. Full-service social media marketing takes a team of dedicated, highly educated, experienced, and smart professionals who consistently deliver excellent results to make social media lucrative for businesses like yours.

Conversion rate optimization


Our conversion rate optimization services will take your website from disorganized and slow to sleek, engaging, and efficiently converting leads in no time. There are six components of our conversion optimization services: landing page design, website copy, call-to-action, navigation and site structure, and page load speed.

These are all critical elements of our website conversion rate optimization services that we focus on when assessing your site for its strengths and weaknesses. Spending the effort on a thorough and detailed conversion rate optimization strategy will ultimately save you time and money, not to mention generating hundreds if not thousands of conversions that you wouldn’t have had access to otherwise.

Engaging with a conversion rate optimization agency like us will also allow you to experience your website from your user’s point of view, adjusting the experience for their maximum engagement and comfort, and getting an inside look at how they engage with your site and why. (And what might convince them to click where they didn’t click before.) There is a basic five-step process that we follow when starting a conversion rate optimization campaign with you. First, we gather extensive qualitative and quantitative data on your users’ behavior through interviews, surveys, and web traffic analysis.

Then, we form a hypothesis of what will happen if we change a certain aspect of your site. For example, “If we change the CTA on this homepage button, we will get increased click-through rates of 20% or more.” Then we prioritize which pages we think would be the most beneficial to convert. In the testing phase, we run our experiments, often using A/B testing to see which version of a page users prefer. Finally, we analyze the results and work with you to discuss the changes we think are optimal, why, and how you should make them.

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Understanding our attract package

What is SEO and why is it valuable for my company?


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making your website appear as often as possible and as high up as possible in potential Google searches for your services. This involves sprinkling keywords that relate to your company throughout your website so that if a potential customer Googles the kind of services you provide, your company will come up. SEO is a relatively easy way to make sure your website is highly visible to potential leads.

How does paid Search work?


Paid Search means you’re paying a search engine (most likely Google or Bing) to show users your product or service when they search for keywords that relate to your business. Every time someone clicks on your product or service when it appears in their search results, you owe the search engine money. This is the cost-per-click model of paid search advertising, and it’s the most common one. You can also pay for the number of people who see your ad. This is called cost–per-mille (CPM) or cost per every thousand “impressions” or views. This model is helpful for companies who want to elevate their brand awareness.

What is paid social and how is it different from paid search?


Paid social involves paying third-party social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to display your content to certain demographics of users. The most common model is the pay-per-click model, in which your company pays the social platform every time someone clicks on your ad, unlike paid search, in which you’re paying search engines to do the same thing.

What is a content marketing strategy in digital marketing?


A Content Marketing Strategy is the mission around which you base your content marketing. Why are you creating this content, and for whom? Why is it unique? And how will it help your customers in a way that is different from other companies they could turn to?

How effective is social media marketing?


If a social media marketing strategy is carried out by a team of professional social media marketers like those at My Creative Mark, social media could be the place where you make your next 1,000 sales.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?


Conversion rate optimization is the process of adjusting your website or landing page to increase the probability that a user will take the action you want them to take–that could be to make a purchase, join a mailing list, or subscribe to a social account.

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