What is Inbound?

Across the economy, few industries offer the same level of competition as that facing companies operating in the MedTech, Legal, and Real Estate markets. Such highly competitive markets require companies to be able to effectively balance their social media presence against building marketing initiatives that are effective across multiple channels. Strong inbound marketing and lead generation strategies should be the core of these marketing strategies, and few software solutions can deliver the robust tools necessary to the creation of such strategies. That’s why My Creative Mark has partnered with HubSpot in order to give our clients access to industry-leading analytical tools guaranteed to maximize the impact of your inbound marketing initiatives. Let’s dig into My Creative Mark’s marketing services, each focused on the growth and profitability of your organization.

What Makes Us Different

What sets My Creative Mark apart from the crowd in the world of web design? Aside from our unyielding dedication to elevating your business, we approach everything we do with our exclusive DREAM process. Our DREAM process outlines the path we take, from those first sparks of inspiration through generating continual momentum and movement for your business.

Determine goals

Plan project

Execute plan

Analyze success

Learn & grow

Our Process in Detail


The internet is flush with poorly written, badly optimized content. Stand out from the chaff with high impact, emotionally engaging, search engine optimized (SEO) content that is written to draw in potential clients who are already searching for the services you provide. We create professional long-form content that can be broken down and repurposed across multiple channels - blogs, social media, video content - to draw clients from different venues to your brand and engage them with your vision and message.

Calls to Action

You’ve posted the most amazing content that has brought customers to your page in waves, but you’re not seeing any sales. Why? Because the best content in the world won’t convert a single sale if you don’t point visitors in the direction of your services and products. We create targeted CTAs relevant to the user’s current channel that minimizes bounce and converts by focusing on solutions to the problem that brought the customer to you in the first place.

Landing Pages

While content and CTA’s pull the customers in and point them towards your services or products, landing pages do all the heavy lifting of solidifying buy in and capturing customer data, allowing your team to follow up on the lead.

Top/Bottom Funnel Content and Offers

Are you creating content blind without knowing where your conversions are taking place? Give your sales funnel purpose and direction through the analytics made possible by our partnership with HubSpot. Our ability to identify exactly which content is driving conversions, we can create targeted informational content from videos to case studies, to targeted articles, all intended to draw in more potential clients, increase engagement throughout their experience, and ultimately convert the engagement into a sale.

Unlimited Lead Generation Leads to Unlimited Growth Opportunities

At the core of My Creative Mark’s inbound marketing services, HubSpot provides the tools for efficient, targeted marketing, and lead generation. This robust software solution consolidates our data into a single channel and allows us to prove time and again the ROI of our sophisticated marketing strategies built from the data tracked upon the platform.

We offer a range of packages designed to support your organization from fledgling entrepreneur to powerhouse enterprise operation. Contact us today to find out how our team can help your organization streamline and maximize your marketing efforts.

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