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In our engage package, you’ll get essential services surrounding lead generation, lead nurturing, lead scoring, email marketing, marketing automation, and sales automation, so that you convert quality leads into loyal customers.

Who our engage package is for

If you’re a CEO looking to grow your company, a marketing director looking for innovative ways to attract new leads, or a sales director searching for leads and commissions to bring in for your team, our Engage package will help you get the results you need. We bring small and medium-sized businesses from surviving to thriving with our expert lead generation and nurturing services.

Key services

Conversational marketing


Our conversational marketing service helps you create a chatbot and live chat interface that will increase your website visitors' engagement and satisfaction. A chatbot can perform many useful functions, like qualify leads, book meetings and consultations, or answer customer questions. This way your team can spend more time on the conversations that matter the most.

Lead nurturing


Inbound lead nurturing takes a great deal of patience, skill, and forethought. Very few leads are prepared to make a purchase, which means that you have to nurture the majority of those leads to move them further along the buyer’s journey. According to a Lead Nurturing & Acceleration survey, 60% of companies assigned their nurture program a failing grade. Effective lead nurturing is no walk in the park, which is why hiring a lead nurturing company like us is essential.

Marketing and sales alignment


Marketing plays an important role in accurately scoring leads and helping turn marketing-qualified leads (MQL) into sales-qualified leads (SQL). We work alongside your marketing and sales teams to determine the parameters that differentiate MQLs from SQLs and help marketers effectively hand off sales qualified leads to the sales team.

Paid media


Paid search services involve creating and managing ads for your company that will then be shown in web searches for the types of services and/or products your company provides. The definition of paid search advertising is paying a search engine (like Google or Bing) to show users an ad for your product or service when they search those keywords online. Whenever someone clicks on your ad, that’s when you owe the search engine money. This is called the pay-per-click (PPC) or cost-per-click (CCP) model, and it’s the most common payment model for paid search advertising services.

Social media advertising services involve paying third-party social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter to sponsor content from your company in order to get views from new audiences. The great thing about our paid social marketing services is that we can tailor your ads to target (and retarget) specific audiences at different stages of the buyer’s journey to help generate more engagement with your brand or more leads for your business.

Sales enablement


Our sales enablement automation services make the mundane, everyday labor of salespeople and their managers much easier to handle. We create sales material, including sales emails, presentation decks, and quotes templates, and automate a large part of the sales process to help increase your sales team’s productivity and shorten the sales process.

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They onboarded quickly and were able to add value from day one. Highly recommend!

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They put together a clear delivery schedule to make sure everything was delivered on time and were very professional throughout the process.

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The My Creative Mark team is responsive and efficient, perfect team to work with!

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Understanding our engage package

Why do companies create personalized landing pages?


Landing pages are one of the most important places where leads become customers. Personalizing a landing page is just like customizing an email or making a personal sales call. You want your lead to feel that they are special and that you understand their specific needs–a need that can be filled with your product or service. Landing pages with customized keywords increase the likelihood that a potential customer will follow through on your desired call-to-action.

What is the process of lead generation for sales?


Lead generation in the sales world is a fairly complex process that involves analyzing and researching both the market and your competitors, creating the copy for your messaging, creating highly personalized ads and landing pages, sending out cold emails and cold calls, creating a report on the results of that messaging, and analyzing those results to improve your process for next time.

How do email marketing services work?


Email marketing services are a platform, like MailChimp, that allows you to collect all of your mailing contacts in one place. You can create email templates and use them repeatedly, segment out your audience into different demographics, and get tips on the best ways to use email marketing. You can also schedule email releases and connect your email marketing to your social channels.

What is lead scoring and why is it important for closing sales?


Lead scoring involves assigning a numerical value to each lead that your company comes into contact with to determine how likely they are to convert into a customer. During this process, we analyze leads using different criteria, including demographic information, company information, how they've engaged with your brand via your website, email engagement behavior, and social engagement behavior.

Does marketing automation really work?


Yes! Studies have shown that marketing automation can lead to a 14.5% increase in sales and a 12.2% reduction in marketing overhead. Marketing automation streamlines workflows, decreases the time staff spend on administrative tasks, and ultimately saves your company time and money.

What is an automated sales Funnel?


An automated sales funnel takes the user on a journey from lead to customer, giving them automated messages along the way. Automated sales funnels can be time-based or behavior-based. For example, a popup on a website’s homepage asking a visitor to input their email address for 10% is a sales funnel–from website visitor to email subscriber.

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