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We specialize in knowledge base development, chatbot development, ticketing systems, customer onboarding automation, and customer feedback surveys so we can keep customers coming back to your brand, spreading your message, and bringing in new leads at no cost to you. 

Who our delight package is for

If you’re a CEO looking to grow your company, a marketing director looking for innovative ways to attract new leads, or a sales director searching for leads and commissions to bring in for your team, our Delight package will help you get the results you need. We bring small and medium-sized businesses from surviving to thriving with our high-quality customer service interfaces and feedback surveys.

Key services

Conversational marketing


Our conversational marketing service helps you create a chatbot and live chat interface that will increase your website visitors' engagement and satisfaction. A chatbot can perform many useful functions, like qualify leads, book meetings and consultations, or answer customer questions. This way your team can spend more time on the conversations that matter the most.

Customer feedback surveys


Customer feedback surveys are an essential component of delighting customers and turning them into brand evangelists. It is paramount that you measure customer satisfaction and collect customer feedback to gain insight into what you can improve for your customers. The customer feedback that we help you gather will allow you to create scalable, sustainable solutions that make customers happy.

Customer service enablement


We help your customer service team offer stellar support to your customers, faster and more efficiently, by setting them up with a comprehensive ticketing system. This ticketing system can also be used to help seamlessly onboard your customers onto your software or service. Customer onboarding automation is an extremely important tool for any business that wants to scale up without sacrificing customer satisfaction.

Email marketing


We provide email marketing services to companies that include email nurturing, sales emails, and other email drip campaigns. Email is an excellent way to engage with your audience, whether you’re nurturing a new lead or keeping in touch with a loyal customer. We understand that email marketing isn’t about the company, it’s about the customer, and about building an authentic relationship with them through the consistent communication of timely, relevant, and valuable content.

Knowledge base development


My Creative Mark assists you in creating an in-depth library of information about your products or services for your customers to use if they have questions. A quality customer support knowledge base can make all the difference to your customers. In fact, 90% of consumers say they use customer service as a deciding factor when choosing whether or not to buy from a company. What’s more, 90% of consumers also want to find answers to their customer service questions on their own because they want an immediate answer to their questions.

Social media marketing


Our social media marketing services ensure that you are receiving the best advice possible about how to engage with customers via social media. In the last two decades, the social media landscape has changed, grown, and evolved immensely, as platforms become more or less relevant. Our social marketing services are on top of all of the latest trends, developments, and strategies so you don’t have to be.

Hear it from the fans

They onboarded quickly and were able to add value from day one. Highly recommend!

Dan L

CRO in Recreational Vehicles

They put together a clear delivery schedule to make sure everything was delivered on time and were very professional throughout the process.

Rudy J

CEO in Car Services

The My Creative Mark team is responsive and efficient, perfect team to work with!

Katharina G

Founder in Ecommerce

Source: Google Reviews

Understanding our delight package

What are the benefits of knowledge base development?


Knowledge Base Development gives your customers a place to go when they have questions, but they don’t have to wait for a member of your team to be available. They can interact with many different kinds of content from articles to forums to videos to get the answers they want when they want, on their own terms, and studies show that many customers actually prefer to have their questions answered this way. If they have a good experience with your knowledge base, they are more likely to make a purchase or recommend your product to a friend or family member.

How do companies use custom chatbots?


Custom Chatbots can be used for many different purposes. There are concierge bots, which determine what your customer needs, qualified leads bots, which assesses the customer’s reason for visiting your site, meetings bots, which schedule meetings between team members and customers, tickets bots, which create a support ticket for customers who have inquiries, knowledge base/support bots, which share knowledge base articles with customers, and offline bots, which collect inquiries during off-hours and route the inquires to team members the next business day.

Is customer onboarding automation 100% hands-off?


Customer onboarding automation involves automating some processes, but not all. It frees up team members to do the more meaningful work of having important conversations with customers. So ultimately, the purpose of customer onboarding automation is to free up live team members to be even better at certain parts of customer onboarding.

How easy will it be to implement your ticketing system?


If you would like to implement our ticketing system, we have a customer success team ready to guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

Should customer feedback surveys be conducted in-house or by third-party agencies?


There are many reasons why a company would choose one over the other. Using a third-party agency frees up internal staff and resources. Research also shows customers give more honest answers if they know their answers are going through a third party. Additionally, if a company doesn’t have the staff, resources, or expertise to properly conduct an in-house survey, they may decide it’s more efficient and productive to use a professional company. But companies may find it makes more sense to keep a small survey in-house for logistical and financial reasons.

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