Kinderbooks is the leader in kids' German books. They have over 600 titles available for kids of all ages and learning levels.

The Challenge

Offering specialty products to a small niche market can often time come in the way of sustained growth. The time had come for Kinderbooks to find growth opportunities outside of their usual B2C sales channel.

The Solution

To reach the highest possible number of B2C customers, we crafted a growth marketing strategy that includes social media, paid social, email marketing, and referral marketing. We then helped nurture and retain these customers by creating satisfaction surveys and customer service pipelines. Once growth from B2C channels slowed down, we took Kinderbooks to the next level by developing a B2B sales channel that would drive more revenue from larger school deals.

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The Result

We increased revenue from B2C channels eightfold in 6 months. We helped generate deals from the newly created B2B sales channel that are on average 82 times larger than B2C deals.

Increase in B2C sales within 6 months
Size of B2B deals compared to B2C deals
Not only did they create great campaigns to drive sales, they also developed a B2B strategy for my business and set up workflows that helped increase customer satisfaction!
Katharina Geringas
Katharina Geringas
Founder, CEO

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