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What Type of Icing Should Your Party's Cake Have?

Regardless of how old you or your guests are, food is one of the central themes of any gathering, and during celebrations, cake plays a major role. Of course, even the nicest-looking confection becomes utterly unimpressive if the guests can't appreciate it, so it's wise to consider basic details, like the type of icing used, in advance.

There are two major factors to think about when choosing a party cake icing. These include what the guests enjoy and how the cake looks.

Accomodating Preferences

In the case of special parties where a birthday child, wedding couple or other guest of honor figures prominently, wise planners always find out what kind of flavors they prefer and go from there. While older guests are generally a bit more compromising, it's still nice to find out what sort of cakes people enjoy; this simple consideration can make it way easier for everyone to have a fun time.

Earning Points for Style

Appearance is also important. Although common types of icing, such as basic sugar glazes, are popular due to their familiarity alone, variants like fondant, ganache, marzipan and royal icing can really make a cake look fancier. Always think about the level of elegance associated with the party in question and choose a cake icing to match.